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Rug for the perfect interior? 

Furniture maker De Stoof is a supplier of Brinker Carpets. The trendy designs of this supplier are beautiful in combination with custom-made furniture from our own workshop in Leidschendam-Voorburg. In our showroom you can be inspired by the latest trends in luxury rugs and carpets.

Bank Zico van Passe Partout in the showroom of Meubelmakerij De Stoof
Furniture maker De Stoof is a supplier of Brinker Carpets, Graphix and Onyx

New in our showroom

The brand new range of rugs 'En Suite by Brinker' 

New in our showroom are Graphix and Onyx from the brand new series of rugs 'En Suite by Brinker'. These stunningly luxurious rugs are made with passion and craftsmanship, as we are used to from Brinker. An honest product that is also surprisingly affordable! The coarse structure of this rug makes the interior tough and enhances the feeling of luxury.

Furniture maker De Stoof is a supplier of Brinker Carpets, Graphix and Onyx

Feel Good by Brinker collection 

We have also brought the new rugs from the 'Feel Good by Brinker' collection for you to the showroom, namely the Brilliante, Orvieto and Viterbo. There is much to discover in our showroom. So come by quickly.

Tips from Lotte:

Create (optimally) more space in your livingroom...

A small rug can make your interior look small and uneasy. It is therefore common to order a carpet with the front legs of the sofa on it, for a calmer and more spacious effect. The latest trend is a large luxury carpet that runs completely under the sofa. This makes your interior look even more spacious.

The rugs we supply are of a high quality and can be ordered in all sizes and colours.