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De Stoof

Woods, finishes and more

Whatever type of wood, finish, material or colour combination you choose, we offer expert advice. Of course, you can also choose to be inspired by the many examples on display in our showroom. Also see maintenance.

Furniture made of solid cherry wood custom made by furniture factory De Stoof


Cherry wood has a beautiful and fine structure and a varying reddish brown colour palette. A suitable type of wood for modern and classic furniture. 


Oak is a very popular type of wood. Oak is strong, durable, robust or just elegant. Oak wood can be worked in many ways. With the proper finish, oak is perfect for making bathroom or kitchen furniture. It is also a popular wood for offices.


Compared to other woods, walnut is very much ‘alive’. A fine grain, a warm brown colour and beautiful markings. A unique type of wood with a nice, smooth surface.  


Ash is light in colour. Strong wood with a dense and smooth structure. We make cupboards of ash wood and often spray-paint them. The wood structure remains visible.

Furniture made of sheet material is sustainable. De Stoof delivers your custom-made furniture in The Hague

MDF or laminated boards

MDF or laminated boards can be supplied in numerous finishes. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machines, our furniture makers can work very accurately and to the nearest millimetre, resulting in sleek furniture pieces.

Furniture maker De Stoof combines stainless steel with solid wood to make the most beautiful custom furniture in Delft

(Stainless) steel and wood

The combination of (stainless) steel and wood is often chosen for an office and workplace, but is also very suitable for a modern or timeless dining table with matching chairs from, for instance, Harvink.

Furniture maker De Stoof invests a lot of time in the finishing of a custom-made piece of furniture like sanding


Careful sanding is the basis for a good final result. Helps the lacquer and paint to adhere to the wood.

deuren kamer en suite en suite deuren afmetingen on suite deuren glas in lood schuifdeuren

Lacquer, paint or oil

With a good finish a piece of furniture will last for years on end. Expert treatment of each piece of furniture is our

The solid wooden furniture of furniture maker De Stoof is finished in different ways. Brushing wood gives it a more lived-in look. We deliver in Naaldwijk, Wassenaar,


Brushing gives wood an authentic aged appearance and brings out the wood grain. With the right brush a beautiful finished product.

We have a wide range of furniture fittings from which you can choose, from bronze to stainless steel and steel, from sleek and industrial to classic.

With or without a handle

With or without a handle? That is, or course, up to you. We have a wide range of furniture handles to choose from, from bronze to (stainless) steel, from modern and industrial to classic. 

Dauby furniture fittings

Hinges and sliding door systems

A very important part of each cupboard are Hinges and/or sliding door systems. The weight of the door plays an important role in the choice of a hinge. For the drawers, we offer fully and partially extendable drawer slides, with or without dampers. We are suppliers of Dauby furniture fittings

built-in cupboard

Custom furniture

We love to make custom furniture! As you can see from the wide variety of cupboards, tables, chairs and accessories on display in our showroom. We turn your idea into something beautiful.