Furniture maker De Stoof makes the most beautiful custom furniture in The Hague and surroundings

About us

In 1982, furniture-making shop De Stoof in Leidschendam was founded by Frans and Mieke Tielemans. Over the years De Stoof has become a household world for many residents in the Randstad and beyond. In 2022 son Wouter and daughter Lotte Tielemans are continuing this family business with their team of furniture makers. 

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The team of Furniture makers De Stoof
Interieurbouw tot tafels, linnenkasten tot inloopkasten. Meubelmakerij De Stoof maakt maatmeubels

Furniture maker De Stoof symbolises coming home.

A stove provides warmth. So the name exudes comfort and a sense of home. A stoof is a wooden box with holes at the top. Inside the stoof, people used to place a pottery tray with glowing coals, for wonderfully warm feet. This is how home should feel. Nice and warm.

Woodloop AD duurzaamheid in meubelmakerij

Wood Loop in the spotlight: 'We save kilometres and thousands of kilos of CO2'

Leidschendam June 27, 2023- Furniture maker De Stoof is in the spotlight of the AD Weekend Magazine. Brother and sister, Wouter and Lotte Tielemans, are committed to sustainability in their family business. With Wood Loop, an initiative that reuses wood remnants, they save kilometres and reduce CO2 emissions.From coffee tables to built-in furniture, De Stoof makes custom-made furniture. A lot of wood is lost during the production process. Wood Loop collects wood remnants to make new boards, reducing 95,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.Wouter and Lotte participate in the Wood Loop pilot project. Waste wood is collected and retrieved by Baars & Bloemhoff. The reuse saves costs and reduces CO2 emissions. The return trip is combined with new deliveries, saving even more CO2.De Stoof is proud of the 12,000 kilos of CO2 savings and the positive impact on the environment. Visit their showroom and discover custom-made furniture with a sustainable touch.

(Almost) nothing is impossible

In an apartment in Noordwijk, the last pieces of furniture were hoisted in with a crane and we supplied, among other things, a custom-made kitchen. It is a good example of the interior construction projects of Meubelmakerij De Stoof. For large projects like this we work together as a team. Then (almost) nothing is impossible.

Owners of commercial and office buildings in Leidschendam-Voorburg can request a free energy scan. The municipality, Rabobank, MKB Leidschendam-Voorburg and Energieke Regio are encouraging real estate


We have also taken a first step towards sustainability. We can therefore wholeheartedly recommend the free energy scan of the Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg. For example, we have already placed a wall in our showroom to insulate better (

The team of De Stoof

Oprichters en voormalige eigenaars van Meubelamerij De Stoof Frans en Mieke Tielemans

   Founders of De Stoof, Frans and Mieke Tielemans.

De Stoof 050423 Alyssa van Heyst Fotografie 188

Lotte - owner

Wouter Tielemans is mede-eigenaar van Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Delft, Wassenaar, Naaldwijk en omgeving

Wouter - owner

‘De mooiste meubels maken en  de klant tevreden maken.’

Steven - Furniture Maker

Het Stoof-gevoel volgens Meubelmaker Frans Kokshoorn ‘Sfeer, warmte en gezelligheid.  Kortom: een warm bad.’

Frans - Furniture Maker

Het Stoof-gevoel volgens Meubelmaker Jelle Klijberg ‘De vanzelfsprekendheid dat je elkaar helpt.’

Jelle - Furniture Maker

Het Stoof-gevoel volgens Lakspuiter Martin Spruyt Goede sfeer en hard werken. Dat is werkplezier.’

Martin - Furniture Maker

Het Stoof-gevoel volgens Wouter Plender ‘Saamhorigheid en voor elkaar door het vuur gaan. Met een vleugje Johnny Cash.’

Wouter - Furniture Maker

Jitske - verkoopmedewerker

Jitske - Sales Assistant

Tom - meubelmaker

Tom - Furniture Maker

Brian leerling meubelmaker

Brian - Apprentice Furniture Maker