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Furniture factory De Stoof is symbol for warmth. Coming home to a comfortable warm space is what we stand for.

About us

In 1982, furniture-making shop De Stoof in Leidschendam was founded by Frans and Mieke Tielemans. Over the years De Stoof has become a household word for many residents in the Randstad and beyond. Now almost 37 years later, the son of Frans and Mieke, Wouter Tielemans is continuing this family business with his team of furniture makers. 

beautiful furniture, walk-in closet carpenter furniture maker, have made tv/audio furniture
have a table made to measure office furniture made to measure dressingtable made to meassure
wandkast op maat gemaakt destoof keukens kamer-en-suite kasten op maat maken
closet made to fit wine cellar made to fit wine cupboard made to size, Katwijk aan zee Valkenburg Oestgeest
wine rack made to fit pantry cupboard made to fit pantry cupboard made to size bookrack storage cupboard sidetable handmade

De Stoof means coming home to a warm and cozy place

“For us De Stoof is a symbol for coming home,” says Mieke Tielemans. “A stove gives warmth and with this name we want to reflect what a home means to us, a warm comfortable place.” A stove is a wooden box with holes in the top. One would place a glowing coal in a ceramics bowl in the wooden box and then place your feet on top to warm them. “That is what coming home should feel like, warm and comfortable.”