Interieurbouw door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Den Haag en omstreken

Working method

Smart interior design by Meubelmakerij De Stoof creates space. Think, for example, of the space under a staircase, the far corners of an attic, or a built-in dining area where a bench also serves as a window sill. De Stoof's solutions are also sustainable, as they can become a permanent and valuable part of your home.

Interieurbouw door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Leiden en Delft eethoek, boekenkast en inbouwkasten
Interieurbouw door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Pijnacker en Naaldwijk eethoek, boekenkast en inbouwkasten
Interieurbouw door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Wassenaar en Voorschoten eethoek, boekenkast en inbouwkasten
Interieurbouw door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Leidschendam Voorburg eethoek, boekenkast en inbouwkasten
Interieurbouw door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Den Haag en omstreken

The beginning of a (dream) piece of furniture

At Meubelmakerij De Stoof, we take a meticulous approach that ensures that the future furniture is fully adapted to the customer's wishes. 

Meubelmakerij De Stoof Wij streven ernaar klanten blij te maken met de meubels die we maken als zij ons die opdracht gunt.

Often, the desire for new furniture starts with a change in life situation. Think of buying a new house or redecorating to suit a new phase of life. Our customers then start looking for new furniture and discover our craftsmanship. We are regularly asked whether it is possible to make an appointment online. Experience shows that this does not work. We value personal contact and it is also nice to be able to show and feel examples, types of wood and colours. A click with the customer is very important to us and this has a positive effect on the design process.

Van der Voort   werktekening 2

The creative design process

Customers are always welcome to drop by our showroom. It is also possible to make an appointment. An offer is entirely without obligation. Based on any ideas and wishes, we sit down together to create a design. We use examples from the showroom, customer ideas and our own creativity. During the design process, we consider not only the dimensions, but also the various types of wood, thicknesses and finishes, and details such as handles, upholstery and built-in lighting. Our advice is based on years of experience. 

De klant krijgt direct een offerte en print van de tekening mee naar huis. Daarna is er de mogelijkheid voor een vervolgafspraak of wordt de offerte definitief doordat die akkoord wordt gegeven.

Together with the customer, we create a 3D design in the SketchUp drawing program. We draw to scale, giving the customer a good idea of what the future furniture will look like. We strive to match the customer's expectations as realistically as possible. After this meeting, the customer immediately receives a quotation and a printout of the drawing to take home. Naturally, we are happy to make a follow-up appointment afterwards or the quotation is converted into a final order straight away. The customer can always take wood or fabric samples home to see what fits best. After all, colour is different in every room and at every time of day.

Het maken Afhankelijk van het meubel komen we 4 tot 6 weken van tevoren inmeten. Dit is relevant voor de werktekening die dan gemaakt wordt voor de werkplaats. Het meubel gaat in productie. Dit proces

The production process

We are regularly asked how long we actually work on the furniture. This obviously depends on the type of furniture and the size of the order. Our lead time in the workshop is between 4-6 weeks. Before a piece of furniture goes into production, it is often necessary to take measurements at the customer's home. We then make a working drawing for our workshop, from which we make a so-called saw state. Gluing the planks, sawing the panels and milling the lead-throughs can now begin. The furniture is then completely assembled to ensure that everything fits perfectly. Then the furniture is taken apart again and it is time for the paint shop. All parts are sprayed or stained in the right colour in our own spraying department. After drying, it is time for final assembly and a thorough quality check. The furniture is now ready to be placed in the customer's home. The route is made and the delivery date is agreed.

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Delivery with a personal touch

At furniture maker De Stoof, the person who made the furniture is often also the one who comes to place it. This furniture maker knows exactly how the furniture was made. It also ensures versatility in the work and how nice it is to see the end result in the customer's home. Our customers appreciate this personal touch.  Attention and going the extra mile is important throughout the entire process; from the first visit to the showroom to installation in the customer's home.  A custom-made piece of furniture by Meubelmakerij De Stoof provides extra living comfort and pleasure. 

Besides custom-made furniture, you can also come to us for chairs, sofas, lighting and accessories. Here, too, there are many possibilities in terms of colour and finish. 

See you soon in our showroom!