Binnenkijken_meubelmakerij De Stoof Den Haag_wandkast met inbouwhaard

Have a wall unit made to fit?

Designing a piece of furniture requires more than you may think. The piece has to fit exactly and meet all requirements for ease of use. For us, making oak cupboards to size, for instance, and delivering and assembling them in our customers’ homes is a beautiful challenge every time our customers trust us to do so.

Wandkast op maat gemaakt door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Den Haag en omgeving
Wandkasten van massief hout op maat gemaak door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Delft en Rijswijk
Wandkast met sfeerhaard als schedingsmuur gemaakt op maat van eiken door De Stoof in Voorschoten
Wandkast als TV meubel en boekenkast met alle indelingen mogelijk massief hout gemaakt in Wassenaar
Custom wall cabinets by furniture maker de stew in Leidschendam-Voorburg

The ultimate wall unit

In the showroom of furniture makers De Stoof

In this wall to wall unit we proudly allow you to experience the quality and luxury of our handmade furniture. In this wall unit we combine cupboard space with a room and suite and a durable built-in electric fireplace from Faber. In such a beautiful cupboard you can of course display your most precious art, trophies and souvenirs such as a unique wine collection. Behind the wooden oak doors are books and all your audio/visual equipment dust free and tidy. 

Dimplex Vivente 75 Front De Vivente modellen zijn de nieuwste elektrische haarden van Dimplex met Revillusion technologie. Deze nieuwste elektrische haarden zijn bijna niet meer van de echte houthaard
Van der Voort   werktekening 2

Creating your (dream)furniture

Often, the desire for new furniture starts with a change in life situation. Think of buying a new house or redecorating to suit a new phase of life. Our customers then start looking for new furniture and discover our craftsmanship. We are regularly asked whether it is possible to make an appointment online. Experience shows that this does not work. We value personal contact and it is also nice to be able to show and feel examples, types of wood and colours. A click with the customer is very important to us and this has a positive effect on the design process.

Portfolio of wall units