Kamers en suite op maat gemaakt door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Voorschoten en Rijswijk en Delft

Rooms and suite made to fit?

When making rooms and suite it is important to get the measurements right so that the doors line up perfectly and can slide effortlessly. This is why it is essential to choose an experienced and specialised furniture maker such as Meubelmakerij De Stoof.

doors, room and suite made to fit from solid oak, black
Rooms and Suite of Meubelmakerij De Stoof in The Hague
Rooms and Suite of Meubelmakerij De Stoof in lphen a/d Rijn en Ridderkerk
en-suite laten maken door Meubelmakerij de Stoof
Custom made room and suite (dividing wall between two rooms with cupboards and door) De Stoof
Kamers en Suite van Meubelmakerij De Stoof in delft
room and suite doors with built in kitchen made to fit by furniture makers De Stoof

This is how we go about making a room and suite.

Made to measure rooms and suite

Solid wood, sustainable, and made with love.

Dividing two adjacent rooms (or rather rooms and suite) works at its best when everything fits perfectly. Rooms and suite and not only beautiful, they are also practical and trendy. 

With this clever way to divide the different spaces the house gets a classical, or modern and rich look and feel. In combination with stain glass windows light can be shining without obstruction through the rooms and one can add handy packing space by adding wall cabinets. Furthermore it makes a room look a lot bigger. Are you looking to add or replace a room and suite? That is no waste of money as houses sell for a better price when the room and suite is in tact.

Van der Voort   werktekening 2

Creating your (dream)furniture

Often, the desire for new furniture starts with a change in life situation. Think of buying a new house or redecorating to suit a new phase of life. Our customers then start looking for new furniture and discover our craftsmanship. We are regularly asked whether it is possible to make an appointment online. Experience shows that this does not work. We value personal contact and it is also nice to be able to show and feel examples, types of wood and colours. A click with the customer is very important to us and this has a positive effect on the design process.