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From interieur design to construction

With the clever interior design and construction of furniture maker De Stoof one can create more space. Think for example of the space under a staircase, the ultimate corner in an attic or a built-in bench, which also serves as a bench? The solutions of furniture maker De Stoof are durable and become a fixed value-adding feature in your house/office building. 

With the clever furniture design and construction ofMeubelmakerij De Stoof a audio/visual cabinet becomes a handy wall unit with desk. Come to our showroom in Leidschendam-Voorburg for inspiration!
This cupboard is made to fit by joiners and furniture makers De Stoof. It is also a clever way to isolate your house, and long lasting.
Built in wall units from furniture makers De Stoof are not only robust and durable, they are also beautiful, and well designed.
This beautiful and multi-functional built-in sitting corner is hand is designed and hand made from solid oak by Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Leidschendam-Voorburg. Close to Wassenaar and Voorschoten.
Rooms and suiteare a good example of the interieur building solutions of, furniture made to fit, furniture made to last and furniture made to love!
Furniture makers De Stoof are specialised inworking with their clients to design and make the most beautiful furniture like for example with kitchen where optimal use is made of the available space.
JoinerDe Stoofmakes loose standingfurniture but also built infurniture for every space.Constructing interieus using the available space in a clever way. Handmade robust forniture tailor-made.

This is how we go about making a built-in dining area.

Portfolio of interieurs designed and built by De Stoof

Need a quote? First come to our showroom to have a look and be inspired so that we can take all the time you need to have your questions answered properly. We put all our passion in creating your dream furniture.