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Rooms and Suite of Meubelmakerij De Stoof in lphen a/d Rijn en Ridderkerk

Look inside

We are increasingly being asked to tailor-make an entire interior. That is why we have listed all these beautiful work examples, as inspiration for our customers, but also because we are secretly very proud of it ourselves.

Binnenkijken_meubelmakerij De Stoof Den Haag_wandkast met inbouwhaard
Binnenkijken_meubelmakerij De Stoof Den Haag_tv audiomeubel met inbouwhaard, salontafel eikenhout
Binnenkijken_meubelmakerij De Stoof Den Haag_tv audiomeubel met elektrische inbouwhaard, duurzaam
Binnenkijken_meubelmakerij De Stoof Den Haag_ wandkast linnenkast kamerverdeling inloopkast
Have a linen closet, wardrobe or walk-in closet made? The Stoof in Delft and Rijswijk
We do custom work in Naaldwijk, Voorschoten, Alphen a/d Rhijn and The Hague to make your (loose or built-in) wardrobe, linen closet or walk-in closet.

Looking inside a house in Leidschendam

 In this modern and colorful interior you will see the stylish and versatile sofa Basso by Hofstede Raanhuis. 

De Stoof supplied this sofa in combination with, among other things, a wall cabinet and matching dining room table made of solid walnut. Walnut naturally has a beautiful, reddish-brown color that is playfully combined here with trendy turquoise and olive green.

Take a look inside a contemporary city house:

Large projects such as this require teamwork and we are good at this at Meubelmakerij De Stoof.

We have equipped this house with beautiful and practical furniture. Take, for example, the custom-made kitchen in the colors white and olive green. The kitchen is fully equipped. The bedroom has a walk-in closet made of solid oak. Due to this cabinet, the spaces are functionally divided and this ensures a lot of peace. Throughout the house we have made various cupboards and a workplace. We have also created a handy coat rack in light shades under the stairs. The TV audio furniture made of white sheet material connects to the fireplace on the left and right. Together they form a beautiful whole.

Home in The Hague

We are increasingly asked to make an interior completely custom and according to your wishes. We are only too happy to do that.

Sideboard with built-in fireplace
In this house we have built the 'Cassette 1000' Cassette fireplace from Glen Dimplex under a TV audio cabinet. The furniture is made of black oak in combination with mdf. It is a good example of how an electric fireplace can be built into a sideboard. The flames are created by water vapor and LED lighting.

Coffee table and dining table
The style of the solid oak coffee table with black wooden legs is reflected in the sturdy, square dining table. This makes the open dining and living area one whole.

Interior construction
In the hall we have made a wardrobe unit of black-stained oak to make optimal use of the space.

Bedroom furniture
In the bedroom we have made a walk-in closet of walnut. The same walnut finish is reflected in the designer wall with bedside tables. The sideboard is a combination of walnut and MDF. The black sideboard fits perfectly under the dormer window.

Home in Leidschendam-Voorburg

The combination of sleek panel material and matt black oak keeps recurring in this house, creating a harmonious whole and harmony. The washbasin top follows the curves of the wall and customization is absolutely essential. In the sleek kitchen with cooking island (fully equipped), the black-stained oak is reflected in the table top. Opposite the kitchen, the same combination of sleek sheet material and black oak can also be seen in the TV/audio furniture with electric built-in fireplace, the E-Matrix by Faber. The cabinet extends from wall to wall and makes the room optically longer. The washing machine and dryer are perfectly custom built into a wall cupboard. In the bedrooms functional wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with doors and drawers. So just special!

Take a look inside one of our valued customers

This modern interior in black and gray tones is complemented by warm wood tones of our custom-made furniture. Take, for example, the solid wood doors of the wall cabinet and the solid wood dining table with the color coordinated leather upholstery of the Mobitec chairs. A quiet home workplace with built-in furniture not only ensures optimal use of the space, but is also sustainable.

Looking inside a customer in Roosendaal

For this interior we have made and delivered furniture in white and brown tones. A custom-made wall cabinet with built-in fireplace is opposite the beautiful Basso sofa from furniture brand Hofstede Raanhuis. In this open living/dining area, the dining table and chairs are perfectly matched in color. The rectangular shape of the table leg is subtly reflected in the coffee table.

A contemporary interior that shows how beautiful oak can be combined with black, white and gray tones.

Your beautiful, handmade furniture from Meubelmakerij De Stoof really comes to life with the right lighting.

When drawing up a lighting plan for your interior, consider functional light, basic lighting and mood lighting. For example, opt for a hanging lamp with a dimmer, with which you can adjust the light to the activities at the table.

Have a table or coffee table made?
We make solid wooden tables from, for example, oak. From tree trunk tables to coffee tables; all tables are manufactured in our furniture factory in Leidschendam-Voorburg.

Want to order custom sofas and armchairs at De Stoof?
Combine a custom-made dining table with a chair or dining bench from a top brand, such as Harvink or Mobitec. Want to order custom sofas and armchairs at De Stoof? Design furniture that you can order from us has been selected to guarantee pleasant use for many years to come. Just like the choice of materials for the body, the cushions and the upholstery, seating comfort is very important. We are happy to advise you on the models of our design furniture manufacturers (such as Hofstede Raanhuis, Passe Partout or Baan).

Have kitchen cabinets and kitchen tables made?
We combine oak, cherry, walnut or ash wood with, for example, MDF or melamine faced boards. With our modern machines we are able to supply high-quality furniture for an affordable price.

Have linen closets and walk-in closets made?
A custom-made walk-in closet from us is an investment in your home and in your enjoyment of living. A walk-in closet increases the value of your home and it also offers a lot of storage space. You will do yourself a huge favor with this, both now and later. You can also match the style of your linen cupboard to the architectural style of your house.

Also look at interior construction for more inspiration.