Tulpenhof Pijnacker, Tuindershof ZUID in Pijnacker. Vroondaal is inmiddels een begrip in Den Haag. Een chique woonwijk middenin natuurgebied Madestein en op steenworpafstand van Kijkduin. One MilkyWay
Top ten trends

Here, we are happy to present the ten most important trends in furniture and interiors:

Furniture for newly built houses

Do you dare to dream? Furniture maker De Stoof specialises in custom-made and realising your dream furniture. Construction of many new houses is in full swing in The Hague and the surrounding area. We have fitted many new flats and houses with wall units, kitchens, walk-in wardrobes, TV/audio furniture, sideboards, bookcases, en-suite cupboards, ambient fireplaces and linen cupboards. Look inside

Tulpenhof Pijnacker, Tuindershof ZUID in Pijnacker.
Wooden furniture made to measure by Meubelmakerij De Stoof in The Hague
Woontrends voor Een chique woonwijk middenin natuurgebied Madestein en op steenworpafstand van Kijkd
All houses have a soul and the use of ash adds something to that.
op 10 living trends Villa neighbourhood Long Island 's-Gravenzande, the water is directly connected to the open va
Eetbanken van Mobitec besteld u bij Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Wassenaar
De Stoof is leverancier van Bree's new world, hofstede raanhuis, harvink, mobitec, MIDJ
Meubelmakerij De Stoof is leverancier van decolegno, de ploeg, Ztahl, brinker en decolegno

Furniture customisation for your new home

Here we are happy to present the ten most important trends in furniture and interiors:

Over the past few months, we have proudly made a large number of furniture pieces, both as part of complete interiors and in the form of custom-ordered individual furniture pieces. We have observed some key living trends. These trends are useful to know when considering having furniture made to your own design.

1. The modern wall cupboard increasingly also functions as a room divider.

The modern wall cupboard increasingly also functions as a room divider. What could be better than being able to separate your dining area from the seating area with a cupboard instead of building a wall? This way, you can always adjust the layout of your living space when your situation changes.

Het Lint en De Boomgaard op Landgoed Voorlei en Vlietzicht Leidschendam-Voorburg.
home trends for a wardrobe in HeemAvenue.
home trends Living in Maestro The Hague. The New Garden.
Het Lint en De Boomgaard op Landgoed Voorlei en Vlietzicht Leidschendam-Voorburg.

2. Fireplace cabinet to bookcase

Wall cabinets no longer serve only as storage. Like the living spaces they are in, they are multifunctional. A wall cabinet can also serve as a TV cabinet, sideboard, bookcase, display cabinet and fireplace cabinet. Electric built-in fireplaces provide atmosphere and are completely emission-free. A conscious choice!

Living trend in Veurse Horsten Leidschendam.
Vliethave in Voorschoten voor de perfecte wooninterieur.

3. Furniture is more often made of sustainable materials

Furniture is more often made of sustainable materials such as solid wood. With proper care and maintenance, solid wood furniture can last for years. No more disposable or temporary solutions, but responsible and beautifully finished furniture for a better future.

Plate material, too, has become indispensable in our furniture workshop. From the CBM (Furniture Association), furniture maker De Stoof participates in the Wood Loop project. Wood Loop collects wood remnants for recycling, reducing 95,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Circular together!

Woontrend De Lier, lierkwartier, we make your dream interior come true.

4. A real trend is the wall-to-wall wardrobe

A real trend is the wall-to-wall cupboard, or made-to-measure built-in furniture that forms an integral part of the house. This way, every centimetre is used to its fullest. The room also appears optically larger.

Wall units, built-in cupboards or made-to-measure wardrobes for your newly built house
Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Delft maakt de mooiste boekenkasten op maat van massief hout
Lighting as trend in a new-build home de Lier

5. Lighting as art

Lighting not only serves an atmospheric and practical purpose as a light source, but is also an art object that stands out through form and material. It is therefore allowed to be imposing and prominent. And not only above a table but also in a bare corner or above a low sideboard.  The luminaires consist of several light sources of different sizes that form a harmonious whole. Bronze finish is increasingly preferred to traditional black.

Nowadays, we hardly make wall cabinets without lighting. Not because there is no other way, but because our customers invariably ask for it. It makes sense that when you want to show off your showpieces, lighting really should not be missing.

Tables for grandiose dining in your new home Voorschoten
Tables with beautiful lighting for perfect interiors

6. 'Dining' makes a strong comeback

Large dining tables for guests and cosy sofas for private use are something we see more and more. Enjoying cosy drinks and dinners at home with friends or family is important. The table is the heart of the home. Comfortable chairs ensure that people sit at the table for longer periods of time with more ease and pleasure. Also, every table we make is unique. Wood type, finish, colour and base, you can determine it yourself. The coffee table for that vase with that single branch or the favourite photo book should not be missing either.

Eetbank van Harvink in combinatie met een op maat gemaakte tafel van Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Leide
Tulpenhof Pijnacker, Tuindershof ZUID in Pijnacker. Vroondaal is inmiddels een begrip in Den Haag.
Brinker tapijten een woontrend Floor Art is verkrijgbaar bij Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Den Haag

7. Sitting well and Floor Art!

My sofa? That's a good seat. But that's different for everyone. Cuddling up in your favourite armchair or on your beloved sofa is not really a trend but of all times.  The choice is vast. From minimalist to just the opposite, from modern to classic, from compact and modest to large and present. Beautiful and cuddly fabrics make your home cosy and warm. Bouclé, wool, velvet or a woven fabric comes in many colours and qualities. And dare to combine! A separate armchair with a corner or lounge sofa or a separate seat in the living room with a smaller chair. Choose a neutral colour as a base and change the extra cushions with the seasons. A soft rug at your feet completes the picture.  Even a small detail can change the atmosphere.

Rugs play a crucial role in improving home acoustics, softening interiors and creating a cosy living area. However, rugs are no longer tied to traditional shapes. On the contrary, with Brinker's Floor Art Series you play with shapes, colours and designs and create the perfect combination

Zirkzee Wonen en Slapen in Leiden https://zirkzeewonen.business.site/
De Stoof Echt Mooij Fotografie 1005

8. Bouclé, a coarse (wool-like) fabric

Fabric is increasingly preferred to leather as an upholstery material. Bouclé, a coarse (wool-like) fabric with a cuddly texture, remains a trend. Also attractive are Keymer's so-called Care & Clean fabrics. Thanks to an innovative production process, these fabrics have durable protection. The fabrics are easy to keep clean and stains can be easily removed.  In addition, velour remains a popular choice. We also see more prints and colourful fabrics on sofas, armchairs and dining room chairs, an eye-catcher in your interior!

Banken en Fauteuils bestelt u bij Meubelmakerij De Stoof
living trend velvet
Bouclé, een grove (wolachtige) stof woontrend One MilkyWay Binckhorst. Villawijk Long Island 's-Gravenzande, het water is d
Sheet material, our partner for customization…

9.  Colour is increasingly important

Colour is increasingly important. Whereas in the past a safe shade of white was preferred, we now increasingly see colour in interiors. Calm natural tones, a dark green or a beautiful blue or red. Anything can and is combined as long as there is peace and balance. Make it different with a different colour!

With the right machines, we make the most beautiful interiors from decor chipboard. Think of complete walls, wardrobes or kitchens. All plates are unique and the choice is huge. Wood decors in fine or
TV audiomeubel op maat gemaakt van plaatmateriaal door Meubelmakerij De Stoof in Den Haag
Luukse handles from Dauby have been used by Meubelmakerij De Stoof in this linen cupboard in Wassenaar

10. Greeploos blijft

De trend van greeploos design blijft populair, hoewel klanten ook vaak kiezen voor een handgreeplijst als alternatief. Vergelijkbaar met de keuze bij verlichting, wordt bronzen afwerking steeds vaker verkozen boven zwart. Een aanwezige greep wordt eveneens als acceptabel beschouwd.

The perfect grip is not a grip for one person and the finishing touch for the other! From industrial and modern, to rural and classic. From black steel to chic bronze, from stainless steel to plastic.
woontrend Gaat u op de Akker wonen? Kom dan snel langs om uw interieur te laten verzorgen.

When creating your own wall cupboard, bookcase, kitchen cupboard, linen cupboard or fireplace furniture, we take these trends into account and ensure that the end result perfectly suits your wishes and needs. Visit our showroom for inspiration and advice. Together we can create a beautiful design!

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