Made with love

Interiors are invariably sensitive to trends, that is a fact that Wouter and Mieke Tielemans of Meubelmakerij De Stoof, know better than anyone.  During their 35 years in the industry they have seen how overfull, jam-packed lounges, bedrooms or kitchens have become less cluttered and more minimalist.

“Whether it’s 1930 inspired or extremely modern, one thing that is clear, is that our clients continue to be more innovative in using the available space in their homes”. That often means custom built in furniture.

Considering having an en suite bedroom, walk in closet or fitted closet made?

Custom built furniture, like a closet or walk in closet, doesn’t just provide more storage space but is also more sustainable and easier to live in. Homes with custom fitted furniture are often sold for higher prices and could be considered an in investment in one’s home.

En suite rooms are making a comeback

Cleverly planning a room lay out can transform a house into either a classic home or an extremely modern one, and provide a sense of opulence and spaciousness making a space appear larger than it is.

Utilizing stained glass, one is able to make better use of the light in all rooms and create more storage space with matching closets.

A dream piece of furniture

Meublemakerij De Stoof’s clients often have their own dream furniture in mind, says Wouter, when they enter our showroom (often armed with sketches and designs). Whether that is a tree trunk table, a TV/Audio furniture piece, sideboard, or bathroom cabinet, all these are handmade by craftsmen, in our workshop using state of the art machinery.

Precision work

“Having invested (as the only furniture maker in Haaglanden) in costly machinery, we have the ability to deliver precision workmanship” says Wouter Tielemans. Our furniture, at Meubelmakerij De Stoof, is made with love and it is not without reason that De Stoof has become a household name in the entire Haaglanden.

What exactly is a stoof?

What exactly is a stoof? “A stoof (stove) is a wooden box with holes on the top. A pottery bowl filled with glowing coals is placed in the stoof and provides warm, toasty feet”. “We consider De Stoof a symbol for coming home”, says Mieke Tielemans. “A stoof provides warmth and with that name we try to radiate a sense of comfort and homely cosines”.

Supplier of top brands

Besides custom made furniture, Meubelmakerij De Stoof, sells matching chairs and couches by top brands such as Harvink, Hofstede, Mobitec and Passe Partout. “We gladly provide expert advice about planning, and styling elements such as lighting, rugs and accessories” says Mieke.